i need my gurls gurls gurls

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 8:54 PM
hi hello dear ones, im glad to return to blogspot
I adore tumblr with all my mind, but i unfortunately chose some weird backgrounds that do not let mee see what I am writing, when i am writing it. HEnce my posts are even more complicated, and with twice as many spelling mistakes.
SO im back , as usual inspired by my friend electropop's weekend entry, when I read them, I remember that I owe myself ( and you mydearest friends) better rantings, revelations, and secrets.
So as I was saying earlier I need my gurls gurls gurls, I barely see anyone anymore except for a few hours, i spend so much time with boys that my vocabulary has changed, I include now in most msgs the intro "WE"
we, vas a ir a darle hoy? a que horas te veo?
the daily account for vato has tripled, and I have gotten accostumed to barbaric, neanderthal like behavior.
What before wouldve caused me to stare and judge, now I deem funny and casual.
I carry:
a bottle of Microdacyn in my car ( a really cool antiseptic spray)
a bottle of Victoria's secret Passionate kisses spray ( it smells like drpepper) that i often have to spray whenever they leave the car
a pair of sneakers and socks
I spent 20 minutes talking about sneakers AND IT HAD NOTHING NOTHING to do with fashion
bruises, cuts, strains, dirt, bad odor, facebook chats are now a natural thing
Dont get me wrong I have always liked being with guys, but i certainly miss gossip, and after something happening being able to look at each other silently, nod, and then giggle in approval, of the silent connection that just took place.
You know those magical moments when something either very funny, or very sexy just happened, and you think...
OMG was I the only one that noticed it? and then you look at your friend and you know you are not alone...
Well... with the guys this never happens....our connections just happen when we are all incredible freaked or frightened, or making fun ( in a very loud way) of somebody else.
I miss people who like to take care of their clothes
and miss form over function
i miss wearing clothes just because they are pretty

hey everybody all your outfits are beautiful
well really all my gurls outfits are beautiful
i dont say it enough but they are, maybe ill never tell you that I love you
but ill always say you look pretty and look good when I know you tried hard at it (you dont even have to loook good)
and i really appreciate when you tell me too
well enough of my ramblings i just wanted to spill some of my girly feelings that have been pent up for a while
today was a weird day
I saw nafi at school after years of not seeing her
today I saw barbar also after a longtime
Today i spoke to josefina on gchat first time since she went to europes
today i read caro's entry
all my other gurls i see and talk to often, but thi spost goes to you as well

this post thats about nothing, that says nothing