IF it makes you happpyyyyy ! then why the hell are you so saaaad

Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 10:48 PM

hmm yeah i kinda love that song because it applies quite often to my life.. well i just finished watching Dan in Real Life and i loooooved it, its a really cute romantic comedy. It stars Steve Carrel and Juliette Binoche (yeah i know girls its kinda hard to get her onto a new role after seeing her in that other cholera stricken movie... sooo creepy) buyt anyways,it was awesome and i even cried a little in the end.. I cry in the weirdest moments... and i dont cry when everyone does, and Im kinda proud I do.
Some friends were telling me i didnt have a heart because I didnt cry in the end of toy story 3, and well why would I, it just seemed so planned and predictable, or predictable in the sense that they wanted to make you cry, because well 80% of romantic comedies end up the same way...

well anyways I was reallly surprised when, as I was seeing the movie Sondre lerche songs kept coming up, and more surprised when i realised ALL the songs where from him, so I saw the special features and apparently he did the complete score.. But you know what I was most excited about?!?!!? that I was going to finally find out how his name is pronounced!!!! I ADORE FINDING THAT OUT!!!!! like the first time i heard Hermione's name ( from harry potter....) in the movie screen and it was prnounced differently, in fact now i think about it, every time I was doubtful about a foreign name I got it all wrong for example

Agyness deyn . first heard her name pronounced in a an interview
Eisley ( the band) It is in reference to the town Mos Eisley in star wars
Sondre Lerche . pronounced LERKA I pronounced it spanish obviously
I think the only one i ever got right is Sufjan Stevens and thats cuz its prounounced exactly the same...
I kinda love Sondre a lot, in fact I had before mentioned how much he looks like Tom Felton, but with musical abilities
OK so this post was totally and completely random ( as always...)
but I leave you with aquestioooon
in which movie ( that wasnt supposed to make you cry) did you cry

Like if it was a movie about a girl dieing from Leukemia, well you are supposed to cry
Or if lassie just reunited the lost dad at sea, of his owner well you are siupposed to cry to
you know... but when have you cried when it wasnt realy expected
when was that suuuuuper corny moment you just couldnt hold it in...

You had me at hello

at 12:44 AM

this post is resumed in: seeing this picture and then someone saying he is probably gay

yoou know there are a couple of situations that get your hopes really really high, then BAM they destroy them.
It would be the equivalent of buying hot dogs for your kids, and then showing them the video of Carnitas and telling them thats where the hot dogs came from

one of them its the OH SO awaited time, when someone you really liked/loved/enjoyed being with/ talks to you after YEARS ( or months.. whatver) of growing apart. You get so hyped, so happy, you are like WOW this is really happening he/she/it finally misses me, and you build all these magical scenarios of wonderful possibilities , while you wait for the next response in the chat ( usually the facebook chat) and then he says something in the lines of:
Im selling this thing would you like to buy it?
Im looking for IDONTKNOWWHOS phone number , do you happen to have it?
hey im participating in this contest i would appreciate if you could go online and vote for me/ my picture/ my band

pretend you are just there standing there and then someone comes and hits you in the gut, PUF all your air is gone and your eyes are watering... well its always like that

another situation :
you are talking to these guy, you are totally flirting and he is basically wonderful
you are just waiting fo the best to happen and then! (SANTA CLAUS DOESNT EXIST!)

-Oh im sorry i have to leave my girlfriend is waiting for me
-would you like to go to the soccer game with me? i NEVER miss a game
-You know most people misjudge poligamy
-OH MY ! we are wearing the same jeans! ( you are wearing girl jeans and a bigger size...)
- My mom thinks i should .....

yeah... i should have low expectations every timee... i guess that would do the trick
ps. i dont like soccer or guys obsessed with it

santos onomasticos batman

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 12:54 AM

O well yet another year has gone by, and by another year i do not refer to New year commonly celebrated by our culture in december the 31, no What i meant was the arrival of my birthday.
Yes tomorrow I will become a year older according to what my birth certificate states. 23 years on this earth, andwhile it may be considered a young age, if you think something ( whatever thing) happened 23 years ago; well, its a long time.

I guess i could ramble all I wanted, but in the end i just want to say that being 23 is the least of important ages in my book. I could care less in fact I actually dont, its exactly the same thing from here on to 30. Yes boys and girls we have arrived to the incredibly vague 20's and I think its a beautiful age
the last of your irresponsible youth is quickly escaping from your grip, and you keep trying to hold on, but its like water in cupped hands, it will inevitably flow, grow thin, evaporate,and dissapear. But you will keep your hands moist for a while, and that will be constant reminder of what was.

I was talking to my mother earlier and we were talking about this ladies in local TV, how most of them look better now, than they did when they were younger. And not because of a great diet and good luck, no its just the wondrous power of plastic surgery. Most of them have gone under the knife a couple of times, and ironically their lack of scars is what makes them so proud about it, their last attempt at perpetual youth, at eternal beauty. As we were speaking we mentioned how almost all of those ladies are older than my mom and how only 1 or 2 ( out of dozens) look older than her, and well my mom doesnt look bad at all, but she doesnt look as young as those women in TV either. I told her one of them had a boy a year younger than I am, i remember he was in my old school, and she corrected me and told me, well right now he is your age, having 1 year of difference is no real difference at all.

And it's true, now we start to merge with generations from 4 to 5 years older and 2 to 3 years younger, we are considered more or less all the same age. And that is so WEIRD! I can very clearly remember thinking that people only 2 or 3 years older were SO different and "mature" and how anyone younger than me was lame, I actually had some animosity for anybody born after 1987... now most of the people I hang out with are 89ers 88ers and the evntual 87 , 86 or 85 , I am not going to lie I actually really enjoy the company of a couple of 91ners.
I remember that back in the day ( actually i still do this) I had a preconceived notion that any foreigner I met who wasnt a child, would be older than me, it was of great shock to realize that the foreigners I met this year were actually 2 o3 years younger than me.... and also a bucnh of guys who graduated in december!!!! makes me ask myself if i have wasted my time...

I wish birthdays hadnt been invented and we all walked around just being ourselves and carrying our knowledge. My parents told me that when they were young there was no such thing as birthday parties, cakes or even presents, it was occasionally celebrated but it wasnt the yearly commercial ritual it has become. I was totally surprised when mom told me my grandad didnt know my grandma's age. Whenever they had a new baby he was the one in charge of registering its name, and when he finally went to town to fill the papers, he often forgot how old grandma was and so, in several of my aunts and auncles certificates the age registered for my grandmother didnt match the years of difference between them.
Before, I cared about a boy being younger than me if i was going to like him, right now its irrelevant unless it surpasses the "half your age plus seven rule".
My standards have gotten incredibly lower for alot of things and what I tought I would never do, doesnt sound as crazy right now. And my life dreams dont seem as interesting.

Once you just start enjoying the little things your life gets ten times better ( and easier). IF you keep thinking about the big picture, there's a really great chance you'll never be able to see it completed.

just go day by day, have goals but dont make promises, because we can never say our future is certain.

POST COMBO! damn you Jane austen, you had us all fooled

Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 7:22 PM

ok as I promisedddddd
i will start writing in englishhhh in the hopes of increasing my post count of the month.
This isn't really a post combo since my last post was the day before yesterday... but considering the date of the post before that... well they are really close!
well today we are going to talk about the very serious issue of "waiting" for a man. Anyone who has interacted closely with me during the last semester can tell you that I have become acquainted with this tiny little eye opening book, and that basically it has changed my life for the better, no im not talking about the bible, we have known each other for em.. ever?and no I am not talking about twilight either, it's called "He is not that into you",
You have probably seen its video/movie version were a friendly Scarlett johanson starts dating a married man, and a desperate drew barrymore scavenges the web in search for true love, well when I first saw it with a really close ( and equally single) friend we both laughed, cried, and cursed at the screen ( there wasnt that much audience that day anyway) because we (unfortunately) shared SO much with characters and so we were apalled.
The movie and the book basically revolve around a single and very easy idea.
If a guy is not giving you ( amorous) attention in a regular basis, well HE IS NOT THAT INTO YOU....
it may sound terribly obvious for any guy reading this whiny blog, but for us girls it could take a lifetime ( or not even then) to understand this simple premise...
You wouldnt imagine the amount of excuses a girl can make up to justify the weird behaviour a guy is showing and not only that, but to actually beleive this means he is in love with you
Ill use it with real actual situations that happened to me...

I met this guy and he has well... really hot, we had SO many things in common, from the really simple book movie MUSIC compatibility, as well as the whole explanation to the universe thingy, and well we usually talked and talked on msn, and he was always nice, and we had these really long conversations, so I totally tought he liked me. Well he has a girlfriend right now, and i dont think ive seen him in person for like a year....
the whole time, i kept thinking he liked me, but he never ( ever...) asked me out, and he had numerous ( and pathetically obvious) opportunities to ask me out, and he never did... but i kept thinking he liked me... ( YES, YOU THE MAN WHO IS READING THIS AND PROBABLY LAUGHING, WE GIRLS DO THAT, WE ARE THAT NAIVE)
but soon after i read the book and found out the truth ( the movie isnt as helpful as the book)

ok anooother example ( who is dating somebody else also...)
I once met a boy that I had the nerve to start a friendship with, just to find out he was actually really keen on being friends back, i got a lot of attention and we used to hang out all the time, and we shared alot of really personal things, i kinda fell in love and again kept thinking he was holding out his feelings for some reason. This time well we kept going out ( as friends) and doing all sorts of things together, and ofcourse he shared everything with me! Like his dates, conquests and more than friendly encounters with other girls... well i kept thinking he just likes me alot as a friend ( STOP LAUGHING YOU MISERABLE MAN WHO HAS PROBABLY KEPT READING THIS SILLY THING, ok.. keep laughing at this point i do it myself too) well eventually our friendship did go to a new step, the step called "now that i have a girlfriend i dont need you anymore" and even then ( yes even then) i kept making excuses...
well there are alooot of examples and even though they sound obvious the creative brain of a hurting female can be blind to all these:
IF he is not calling you
if he is not asking you out
If he is not marrying you ( or comitting)
if he is cheating
if he keeps breaking up with you
if he keeps hurting you ( physically psychologically)
if he is not becoming your boyfriend
if he is not touching you
and the list can get as ridiculous as you could never imagine ( i can remember a few examples from things ive seen)
if he is not helping with the upbringing of your child
if he doesnt want people to know about your relationship
if he insists on using you as an ATM
if he ends each sentence in bitch
if he treats better his mom
if he treats better the dog
if he remembers the names and stats of every soccer player in the team, but forgets your middle name
if he wears the only helmet when riding a bike with you
if he is always drunk /drugged while he is with you ( and you are not )

and now to explain the title
we've all seen or read Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility both stories have a female lead who finds love when all odds point in the other direction. In one Mr.Darcy ( one of our favourite fictional men) threats her wrong, drives away all love possibilities from her family, is often too proud to be interesting, he doesnt really show his true colors until the very end, when you find out he has basically spent alot of money, time, and effort to be in the good eyes of OH dearest Lizzy... and in Sense and sensibility she loves a men who she finds out is previously engaged, but later he comes back and marries her anyways.
Both stories are what "HE is not that into you " calls exceptions, you will always find at least one woman who defies all odds and lives happily despite all the rules being agaisnt her, the book says treat all your relationships and not as the exception and you will probably live a better, fuller, and less dramatic life.
Because yes girls, Jane Austen had us all fooled, she knew NO Mr. Darcy , she died alone and with only one known big suitor, hers are pure works of fantasy... and storys like that have been making us beleive that all those guys actually liked us, instead of us just realising they werent interested and moving on..
so basicallyif you havent read the book. Read it...
and you know what even after knowing alll of this
I can still hang around waiting for a call, or a SMS or a facebook comment, and start to create all types of scenes of why these havent happened after Ive met a guy. In fact the reason I started writing this post was to get my mind off the waiting, and guess what... IM still waiting
im hopeless but at least i know its not going to happen

dveras nunca se que poner aqui

Friday, July 23, 2010 at 9:09 PM
Bueno eso ya lo habian notado porque rara vez posteo.
Ademas tengo la peor ortografia, sintaxis y redacción... me como palabras y nunca termino ni mis oraciones ni mis parrafos, todo esta por todos lados y eso como ya les habre mencionado es por la falta de lectura en español..... Total ya casi nadamas me rolo por tumblr y la verdad lo amo, las fotos ( como dijo baby) se ven tres mil veces mejor, y tiene un mejor formato y muchisimo mas amigable que blogspot.... Rara vez escribo en tumblr pero cuando lo hago no me siento tan observada ( a pesar de tener muchisimos mas followers alla que aqui) porque no pueden dejar comentarios, a menos que sean mis amigos, o tengan mas de un mes siguiendome... o podria agregarle Disqus ( el programa que usan en varias paginas para dejar comments en los posts) pero pues no estoy interesada... mi tumblr es como una extension de mi mente visual y es tan nose... profundo hasta cierto ppunto, siempre digo que las fotos que tomas no son necesariamente las que te definen, en realidad son las fotos que te gustan por eso en mi flickr profile puse que si querian conocerme que se dieran una vuelta por mis flickr favorites ( los que antes posteaba aqui en un mosaico de 6 x 6) ahora me vengo dando cuenta que he estado haciendo lo que ahora hago en tumblr desde hace mucho... coleccionar imagenes
Tambien me di cuenta que redacto mejor en ingles.... wtf... si si es lamentablemente verdad, y no lo niego, ni lo apruebo, ni lo odio, ni nada es simplemente una verdad mas de mi vida... quiza empieze a escribir mas en ingles aqui y de esa manera me obligue a postear mas seguido.. hmm quiza quiza lo haga
bueno bueno llego la hora de los rantsss
les dejo el nuevo video de SHIS A TIS ( hahah si se que asi no se escribe)

bueno ya lo vieron? pues saben que lo que vieron era solo la version TV.... la version oficial ni esta tanto más censurable pero pues odie el video la neta...
la canción me encanto el video pues PFFFFFF es un vil comercialote de american app si para esas queria, me metia a ver verdaderos comerciales de ellos, es como si hubieran hecho un mashup de stock video de american app con todo y las modelos con caras semi orgasmicas, flacas hasta los huesos, la inecesaria muestra de piel desnuda, y no me malentiendan en muchas ocasiones todas estas cosas se ven bien pero cuando estan en contexto,... aqui pues me dan un poco de asco.... aqui a mi no me engañan estan vendiendo el propio nombre de la banda... y es una lastima por el video porque de hecho esta bien editado, grabado, y fotografiado ( por asi decir) el styling esta bien tambien ( no me molesta que usen la ropa de dicha tienda si no que copien su horrible estilo por las mismas razones)
pero pffffffff es un video de lo mas equis ni historia, ni contexto, ni nada de nada son un monton de girls frolicking with or without clothes...
si yo tambien he hecho videos estupidos y sin sentido, lo triste es que hayan desperdiciado la oprtunidad de mostrar algo con tantititito mas contenido de lo que en un futuro pinta como una cancion que agarrara popularidad
tooo bad..