You had me at hello

Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 12:44 AM

this post is resumed in: seeing this picture and then someone saying he is probably gay

yoou know there are a couple of situations that get your hopes really really high, then BAM they destroy them.
It would be the equivalent of buying hot dogs for your kids, and then showing them the video of Carnitas and telling them thats where the hot dogs came from

one of them its the OH SO awaited time, when someone you really liked/loved/enjoyed being with/ talks to you after YEARS ( or months.. whatver) of growing apart. You get so hyped, so happy, you are like WOW this is really happening he/she/it finally misses me, and you build all these magical scenarios of wonderful possibilities , while you wait for the next response in the chat ( usually the facebook chat) and then he says something in the lines of:
Im selling this thing would you like to buy it?
Im looking for IDONTKNOWWHOS phone number , do you happen to have it?
hey im participating in this contest i would appreciate if you could go online and vote for me/ my picture/ my band

pretend you are just there standing there and then someone comes and hits you in the gut, PUF all your air is gone and your eyes are watering... well its always like that

another situation :
you are talking to these guy, you are totally flirting and he is basically wonderful
you are just waiting fo the best to happen and then! (SANTA CLAUS DOESNT EXIST!)

-Oh im sorry i have to leave my girlfriend is waiting for me
-would you like to go to the soccer game with me? i NEVER miss a game
-You know most people misjudge poligamy
-OH MY ! we are wearing the same jeans! ( you are wearing girl jeans and a bigger size...)
- My mom thinks i should .....

yeah... i should have low expectations every timee... i guess that would do the trick
ps. i dont like soccer or guys obsessed with it

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  1. Pinkrobot Says:

    Creo que "I'm sorry, my boyfriend is waiting for me" es MIL veces peor :P

    Y bueno, la de futbol no me molesta :)

  2. hahah ooh no no vayamos con

    'im sorry, my wife & 7 kids are waiting for me'

    yo tengo otra peor al hablar con alguien alejado por mucho tiempo, que tal el creer que son lo maximo y luego hablas con ellos y tienen burbujas en vez de cerebro y te preguntas que paso con esa persona que creiste que era bien cool, la imaginaste nunca existio o que fue?!


    el futbol sucks socks

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