POST COMBO! damn you Jane austen, you had us all fooled

Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 7:22 PM

ok as I promisedddddd
i will start writing in englishhhh in the hopes of increasing my post count of the month.
This isn't really a post combo since my last post was the day before yesterday... but considering the date of the post before that... well they are really close!
well today we are going to talk about the very serious issue of "waiting" for a man. Anyone who has interacted closely with me during the last semester can tell you that I have become acquainted with this tiny little eye opening book, and that basically it has changed my life for the better, no im not talking about the bible, we have known each other for em.. ever?and no I am not talking about twilight either, it's called "He is not that into you",
You have probably seen its video/movie version were a friendly Scarlett johanson starts dating a married man, and a desperate drew barrymore scavenges the web in search for true love, well when I first saw it with a really close ( and equally single) friend we both laughed, cried, and cursed at the screen ( there wasnt that much audience that day anyway) because we (unfortunately) shared SO much with characters and so we were apalled.
The movie and the book basically revolve around a single and very easy idea.
If a guy is not giving you ( amorous) attention in a regular basis, well HE IS NOT THAT INTO YOU....
it may sound terribly obvious for any guy reading this whiny blog, but for us girls it could take a lifetime ( or not even then) to understand this simple premise...
You wouldnt imagine the amount of excuses a girl can make up to justify the weird behaviour a guy is showing and not only that, but to actually beleive this means he is in love with you
Ill use it with real actual situations that happened to me...

I met this guy and he has well... really hot, we had SO many things in common, from the really simple book movie MUSIC compatibility, as well as the whole explanation to the universe thingy, and well we usually talked and talked on msn, and he was always nice, and we had these really long conversations, so I totally tought he liked me. Well he has a girlfriend right now, and i dont think ive seen him in person for like a year....
the whole time, i kept thinking he liked me, but he never ( ever...) asked me out, and he had numerous ( and pathetically obvious) opportunities to ask me out, and he never did... but i kept thinking he liked me... ( YES, YOU THE MAN WHO IS READING THIS AND PROBABLY LAUGHING, WE GIRLS DO THAT, WE ARE THAT NAIVE)
but soon after i read the book and found out the truth ( the movie isnt as helpful as the book)

ok anooother example ( who is dating somebody else also...)
I once met a boy that I had the nerve to start a friendship with, just to find out he was actually really keen on being friends back, i got a lot of attention and we used to hang out all the time, and we shared alot of really personal things, i kinda fell in love and again kept thinking he was holding out his feelings for some reason. This time well we kept going out ( as friends) and doing all sorts of things together, and ofcourse he shared everything with me! Like his dates, conquests and more than friendly encounters with other girls... well i kept thinking he just likes me alot as a friend ( STOP LAUGHING YOU MISERABLE MAN WHO HAS PROBABLY KEPT READING THIS SILLY THING, ok.. keep laughing at this point i do it myself too) well eventually our friendship did go to a new step, the step called "now that i have a girlfriend i dont need you anymore" and even then ( yes even then) i kept making excuses...
well there are alooot of examples and even though they sound obvious the creative brain of a hurting female can be blind to all these:
IF he is not calling you
if he is not asking you out
If he is not marrying you ( or comitting)
if he is cheating
if he keeps breaking up with you
if he keeps hurting you ( physically psychologically)
if he is not becoming your boyfriend
if he is not touching you
and the list can get as ridiculous as you could never imagine ( i can remember a few examples from things ive seen)
if he is not helping with the upbringing of your child
if he doesnt want people to know about your relationship
if he insists on using you as an ATM
if he ends each sentence in bitch
if he treats better his mom
if he treats better the dog
if he remembers the names and stats of every soccer player in the team, but forgets your middle name
if he wears the only helmet when riding a bike with you
if he is always drunk /drugged while he is with you ( and you are not )

and now to explain the title
we've all seen or read Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility both stories have a female lead who finds love when all odds point in the other direction. In one Mr.Darcy ( one of our favourite fictional men) threats her wrong, drives away all love possibilities from her family, is often too proud to be interesting, he doesnt really show his true colors until the very end, when you find out he has basically spent alot of money, time, and effort to be in the good eyes of OH dearest Lizzy... and in Sense and sensibility she loves a men who she finds out is previously engaged, but later he comes back and marries her anyways.
Both stories are what "HE is not that into you " calls exceptions, you will always find at least one woman who defies all odds and lives happily despite all the rules being agaisnt her, the book says treat all your relationships and not as the exception and you will probably live a better, fuller, and less dramatic life.
Because yes girls, Jane Austen had us all fooled, she knew NO Mr. Darcy , she died alone and with only one known big suitor, hers are pure works of fantasy... and storys like that have been making us beleive that all those guys actually liked us, instead of us just realising they werent interested and moving on..
so basicallyif you havent read the book. Read it...
and you know what even after knowing alll of this
I can still hang around waiting for a call, or a SMS or a facebook comment, and start to create all types of scenes of why these havent happened after Ive met a guy. In fact the reason I started writing this post was to get my mind off the waiting, and guess what... IM still waiting
im hopeless but at least i know its not going to happen

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  1. Pinkrobot Says:

    I hate that book with all my might :P

    De hecho sí lei todo, pero este tema no me gusta matarile rile ro. Siempre entro en trance reflexivo jajaja

  2. anace Says:

    ya se que es todo tarde pero lei este post porque justo ayer vi esa pelicula otra vez.

    tantas verdades, pateticas verdades :C


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