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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 12:54 AM

O well yet another year has gone by, and by another year i do not refer to New year commonly celebrated by our culture in december the 31, no What i meant was the arrival of my birthday.
Yes tomorrow I will become a year older according to what my birth certificate states. 23 years on this earth, andwhile it may be considered a young age, if you think something ( whatever thing) happened 23 years ago; well, its a long time.

I guess i could ramble all I wanted, but in the end i just want to say that being 23 is the least of important ages in my book. I could care less in fact I actually dont, its exactly the same thing from here on to 30. Yes boys and girls we have arrived to the incredibly vague 20's and I think its a beautiful age
the last of your irresponsible youth is quickly escaping from your grip, and you keep trying to hold on, but its like water in cupped hands, it will inevitably flow, grow thin, evaporate,and dissapear. But you will keep your hands moist for a while, and that will be constant reminder of what was.

I was talking to my mother earlier and we were talking about this ladies in local TV, how most of them look better now, than they did when they were younger. And not because of a great diet and good luck, no its just the wondrous power of plastic surgery. Most of them have gone under the knife a couple of times, and ironically their lack of scars is what makes them so proud about it, their last attempt at perpetual youth, at eternal beauty. As we were speaking we mentioned how almost all of those ladies are older than my mom and how only 1 or 2 ( out of dozens) look older than her, and well my mom doesnt look bad at all, but she doesnt look as young as those women in TV either. I told her one of them had a boy a year younger than I am, i remember he was in my old school, and she corrected me and told me, well right now he is your age, having 1 year of difference is no real difference at all.

And it's true, now we start to merge with generations from 4 to 5 years older and 2 to 3 years younger, we are considered more or less all the same age. And that is so WEIRD! I can very clearly remember thinking that people only 2 or 3 years older were SO different and "mature" and how anyone younger than me was lame, I actually had some animosity for anybody born after 1987... now most of the people I hang out with are 89ers 88ers and the evntual 87 , 86 or 85 , I am not going to lie I actually really enjoy the company of a couple of 91ners.
I remember that back in the day ( actually i still do this) I had a preconceived notion that any foreigner I met who wasnt a child, would be older than me, it was of great shock to realize that the foreigners I met this year were actually 2 o3 years younger than me.... and also a bucnh of guys who graduated in december!!!! makes me ask myself if i have wasted my time...

I wish birthdays hadnt been invented and we all walked around just being ourselves and carrying our knowledge. My parents told me that when they were young there was no such thing as birthday parties, cakes or even presents, it was occasionally celebrated but it wasnt the yearly commercial ritual it has become. I was totally surprised when mom told me my grandad didnt know my grandma's age. Whenever they had a new baby he was the one in charge of registering its name, and when he finally went to town to fill the papers, he often forgot how old grandma was and so, in several of my aunts and auncles certificates the age registered for my grandmother didnt match the years of difference between them.
Before, I cared about a boy being younger than me if i was going to like him, right now its irrelevant unless it surpasses the "half your age plus seven rule".
My standards have gotten incredibly lower for alot of things and what I tought I would never do, doesnt sound as crazy right now. And my life dreams dont seem as interesting.

Once you just start enjoying the little things your life gets ten times better ( and easier). IF you keep thinking about the big picture, there's a really great chance you'll never be able to see it completed.

just go day by day, have goals but dont make promises, because we can never say our future is certain.

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  1. Pinkrobot Says:

    Me encantó tu post, especialmente el final, que es lo que a fin de cuentas combina tan bien con la imagen. Yo no diría que mis estándares han bajado, pero tienes razón son diferentes, menos ambiciosos pero mejores creo. No sólo porque son alcanzables, sino porque cada vez siento que son más míos y menos de alguien más. Las pequeñas cosas son LAS cosas :P

    Te quiero Alina, your birthday is a bid deal to me! :D

  2. AY alina, me hiciste pensar en este día lluvioso alemán, donde no tengo idea de la hora porque todos mis relojes estan configurados con el horario de invierno del año pasado mexicano AUN, porque nunca los cambie por nostalgia.

    yo también había tenido hace mucho la idea de tener un mundo donde no existieran los números, ooh jo jo muchos han de decir: CAOS! pero nooo porque sabes que? la gente como tu dices no tendría edad, no nos preocupariamos por la hora, no tendríamos peso númericamente hablando, las calificiones no serian tan pesadas... tal vez sería interesante :)

    nunca supe como la pasaste en tu cumpleaños, pero espero que rebien, yo me la pasé rebien contigooo los ratitos que nos vimos (: y nuncaaa olvidaré lo que Bocanegra tuvo que pasar para escribir el himno nacional, ni lo unico que es mejor que un beso!! hahahahaha

    Cuando pasa el tiempo, los sueños se vuelven menos grandes y mas realistas indeed. uno pierde la motivación de lo inimaginable creo yo, que mal si por lo menos eso fuera creciendo junto con nuestra edad numérica :/

    te quiero también alinaaaa!! :* :*

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