IF it makes you happpyyyyy ! then why the hell are you so saaaad

Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 10:48 PM

hmm yeah i kinda love that song because it applies quite often to my life.. well i just finished watching Dan in Real Life and i loooooved it, its a really cute romantic comedy. It stars Steve Carrel and Juliette Binoche (yeah i know girls its kinda hard to get her onto a new role after seeing her in that other cholera stricken movie... sooo creepy) buyt anyways,it was awesome and i even cried a little in the end.. I cry in the weirdest moments... and i dont cry when everyone does, and Im kinda proud I do.
Some friends were telling me i didnt have a heart because I didnt cry in the end of toy story 3, and well why would I, it just seemed so planned and predictable, or predictable in the sense that they wanted to make you cry, because well 80% of romantic comedies end up the same way...

well anyways I was reallly surprised when, as I was seeing the movie Sondre lerche songs kept coming up, and more surprised when i realised ALL the songs where from him, so I saw the special features and apparently he did the complete score.. But you know what I was most excited about?!?!!? that I was going to finally find out how his name is pronounced!!!! I ADORE FINDING THAT OUT!!!!! like the first time i heard Hermione's name ( from harry potter....) in the movie screen and it was prnounced differently, in fact now i think about it, every time I was doubtful about a foreign name I got it all wrong for example

Agyness deyn . first heard her name pronounced in a an interview
Eisley ( the band) It is in reference to the town Mos Eisley in star wars
Sondre Lerche . pronounced LERKA I pronounced it spanish obviously
I think the only one i ever got right is Sufjan Stevens and thats cuz its prounounced exactly the same...
I kinda love Sondre a lot, in fact I had before mentioned how much he looks like Tom Felton, but with musical abilities
OK so this post was totally and completely random ( as always...)
but I leave you with aquestioooon
in which movie ( that wasnt supposed to make you cry) did you cry

Like if it was a movie about a girl dieing from Leukemia, well you are supposed to cry
Or if lassie just reunited the lost dad at sea, of his owner well you are siupposed to cry to
you know... but when have you cried when it wasnt realy expected
when was that suuuuuper corny moment you just couldnt hold it in...

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